Experimentations with Abstract Machines
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Stupid Machines

This repository contains a bunch of useless implementations of our favorite abstract machines, including Turing machines, the Rule 110 cellular automata, and cyclic tag systems.


Implements rule 110 in HTML and CSS3. This is a more correct "proof" that CSS is Turing-complete.


Implements rule 110 in HTML and CSS3. This was the first "proof" that CSS is Turing-complete. It is not a valid proof.

  • rule110-a.html is a very simple demo of an individual cell
  • rule110-grid.html and rule110-full.html are two different presentations of the cellular automaton.


Implements a Turing machine in Java without using a single semicolon in the file. Languages like Ruby and Python don't use semicolons, so why should my Java?


Implements a Turing machine in Java without using control structures, variable declarations, method definitions, or anonymous classes. The main2 method shows the code before I removed variables. Control structures are too controlling for this day and age. Us youth yearn for the unstructured hippie days of our parents' generations.


This is the shortest implementation of an abstract machine that I could think of. If you have ideas to improve, send a pull request. Verbosity is a sin.