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VZ Address

An address fieldtype for Expression Engine 2.

Template Tags

Single Tags

{address_field [style="microformat|schema|rdfa|plain|inline"]}

Will output the complete address, in a standard format. Use the style="" attribute to get code that supports one of the markup standards for parseable content (defaults to microformats) or to get the address with no html markup at all (plain or inline).

{address_field:country [code="yes"]}

Output particular pieces of the address. If you use the parameter code="yes" on the country tag, you will get the the international country code rather than the full name.

Tag Pair

    {city}, {region} {postal_code}

If you need more control over the output, use the tag pair to output each part of the address individually.

Low Variables Support

Note that you must use the {exp:low_variables:parse} syntax to parse VZ Address variables created with Low Variables.

For single tags:

{exp:low_variables:parse var="address_field_name" [style="microformat|schema|rdfa|plain|inline"]}

For tag pairs:

{exp:low_variables:parse var="address_field_name" multiple="yes"}
    {street} {!-- note lack of address_field_name: prefix! --}
    {city}, {region}, {postal_code}


Download and unzip the archive. Upload the vz_address folder to /system/expressionengine/third_party/.


Low Variables support was added by @adrienneleigh.

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