Runs text through various typographic filters.
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VZ Typography

VZ Typogrify is a thin wrapper around the library from php-typogrify. It provides lots of typographical niceties, including widow prevention, styling hooks for special characters, etc.

Tag Pairs

{exp:vz_typogrify [enable|disable] [titlecase="yes"]}

Runs the typographic filters on the enclosed text. The enable and disable paramters accept a pipe-separated list of filters to run, or to not run. If you do not include either parameter, all filters will be run. Available filters are listed below. Either the enable or disable parameter can be set, but not both.

Set the titlecase parameter to yes if you also want the output to be titlecased (see below).

Available Filters

  • widows - Inserts a   between the last two words of each paragraph, to prevent widows.
  • ampersands - Wraps ampersands in <span class="amp">&amp;</span>.
  • caps - Wraps all-caps words like <span class="caps">ABC</span>.
  • quotes - Wraps opening quotes like <span class="dquo">"</span> or <span class="quo">'</span>.
  • dashes - Adds a   before and after an &ndash or —.
  • exponents - Converts exponents to superscript. 4^2 becoms 4<sup>2</sup>.
  • ordinals - Wraps ordinals in superscript tags like 2<sup>nd</sup>.
  • marks - Converts (c), (r), (p), (tm), and (sm) to their proper entities.


{exp:vz_typogrify enable="widows|ampersands"}
    <p>This, that, & the other.</p>


<p>This, that, <span class="amp">&amp;</span> the&nbsp;other.</p>


Title-cases the enclosed text by capitalizing the first letter of words, except for short words like "the" and "or". This filter uses a modified version of John Gruber's script (


    <p>This, that, & the other.</p>


<p>This, That, & the Other.</p>