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defmodule Postgrex.ErrorCode do
@moduledoc false
# We put this file in the repo because the last real change happened in 2011.
@external_resource errcodes_path = Path.join(__DIR__, "errcodes.txt")
errcodes = for line <-!(errcodes_path),
match?(<<_code::(5 * 8), " ", _::binary>>, line) do
case String.split(line, " ", trim: true) do
[code, _, _, name] -> {code, name |> String.trim |> String.to_atom}
[code, _, _] -> {code} # duplicated code without name
{errcodes, duplicates} = Enum.split_with(errcodes, &match?({_, _}, &1))
# The errcodes.txt file does contain some codes twice, but the duplicates
# don't have a name. Make sure every every code without a name has another
# entry with a name.
for {duplicate} <- duplicates do
unless Enum.find(errcodes, fn {code, _} -> code == duplicate end) do
raise RuntimeError, "found errcode #{duplicate} without name"
@doc ~S"""
Translates a Postgres error code into a name
iex> code_to_name("23505")
@spec code_to_name(String.t) :: atom | no_return
def code_to_name(code)
for {code, errcodes} <- Enum.group_by(errcodes, &elem(&1, 0)) do
[{^code, name}] = errcodes
def code_to_name(unquote(code)), do: unquote(name)
def code_to_name(_), do: nil
@doc ~S"""
Translates a Postgres error name into a list of possible codes.
Most error names have only a single code, but there are exceptions.
iex> name_to_code(:prohibited_sql_statement_attempted)
@spec name_to_code(atom) :: String.t
def name_to_code(name)
@code_decision_table [
string_data_right_truncation: "22001", # 01004 not used
modifying_sql_data_not_permitted: nil, # 38002 or 2F002 not used
prohibited_sql_statement_attempted: "2F003", # 38003 not used
reading_sql_data_not_permitted: nil, # 38004 or 2F004 not used
null_value_not_allowed: "22004" # 39004 not used
for {name, errcodes} <- Enum.group_by(errcodes, &elem(&1, 1)) do
case Keyword.fetch(@code_decision_table, name) do
{:ok, nil} ->
{:ok, code} ->
def name_to_code(unquote(name)), do: unquote(code)
:error ->
[{code, ^name}] = errcodes
def name_to_code(unquote(name)), do: unquote(code)