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BioHackathon Europe projects 2018

(This is an archived repository)

Join the chat at

This repository is meant for the participants of the BioHackathon hosted in Paris in Nov 2018 to share ideas, create issues, manage projects, publish materials, create code, etc.

Organisational cheatsheet


BioHackathon chat

We have created a Gitter community channel with a common room for all the participants (Lobby) and specific rooms per project.

  • It would be great you could use this communication channel so people from different projects and outside the BioHackathon will be able to follow the BioHackathon parallel activities.
  • If you want to use your own channel is fine, but then make a note inside your Gitter room so people will be able to follow.
  • Please use the Gitter channel especially during the symposium to ask and answer questions.


The twitter hashtag for the BioHackathon is #bh2018paris. Feel free to use as well the @biohackathon ‏handle.

Organising committee

We will be watching the Gitter community channel but if you have a more private question or comment for the organising committee please send an email to

Finding people and skills

David Salgado has kindly compiled a spreadhseet in order to match the skills of participants with those required per project. This might be useful to know where to contribute or find the people with the right expertise. Please feel free to update this information at anytime.



Updated information can be found and will be updated on the programme section of the website.


The first afternoon is dedicated to learning about the different projects proposed at the BioHackathon. We have 10 minutes per presentation. We have 28 presentation and we are almost 150 people, so we decided not to have time for questions and anwsers after the talks but encorage participants to use the Gitter community channel and the coffee breaks to ask questions.

Hacking time

People might move around and participate in several projects.

  • Project leads are expected to guide and facilitate work among participants. Look for a project lead if you want more information about how to engage with a project.
  • People sponsored by a project are expected to work in the funded project, but also they are free to collaborate on other projects.


Dana has prepared several social activities you are welcome to join. They are all aimed to build team spirit and help to get to know the people attending the BioHackathon. We hope you will enjoy them. More information about these activities will be provided at the symposium. Feel free as well to use the Campus facilities.


We are expecting a stand-up report of 60 seconds for each project after lunchtime for the last 3 days of the BioHackathon. Ideally, the report should be included in the project folder. This will help people to know the status of the projects and join the projects.

For more information please read the reports page


We all aim to meet at the end of the BioHackathon for a 90 minutes sprint to write a publication.

  • We will expect all participants to be authors and contribute with at least paragraph.
  • We plan to organise the publication in 4 themes and 11 topics relying on the outcomes of the projects
  • If you keep the reports informative and tidy later it will be easier to reuse them to write the publication.
  • Themes leads will help to find the links among projects and help to shape the final text for the theme they represent. We have theme leads for Data (Marc Hanauer), Tools (Jen Harrow), Interoperability (Sira Sarntivijai) and Training (Mateusz Kuzak).

For more information please read the reports page


Project content, plans and materials

Please use this BioHackathon GitHub repository and your GitHub project folder to store materials, code, outcomes or anything useful related to the project.

  • If you want to use your own repository is fine, but then make a note inside your GitHub project folder so people will be able to follow.
  • All project leads should have admin privileges in the BioHackathon GitHub repository. If you are not yet a collaborator please ask a project lead or Ricardo to add your GitHub username to the repository and give you writing privileges.

New projects

Though we defined and prioritised a set of projects, following the spirit of the BioHackathon new ideas and projects are welcome. If you want to move forward a new project please feel free to create a new project folder and project page. Please also let the Organising Committee know to be able to make the links in the website and include the new projects in the reporting cycle.


Participants and accommodation at the venue

Please find in this spreadsheet the list of participants and the final assignment of rooms for people staying at the venue.

How to get to the venue

Updated information can be found on the website on the travel section. The nearest train station to the venue is “Ponthierry Pringy”, 5 min by taxi.

Shared transport

Feel free to add your travelling arrangements to this spreadsheet to organise yourselves any shared transport

On arrival

Please sign up in reception (see picture) and find us at the “Club house” on the first floor to register for the event (map of the venue). Reception might ask you to leave your luggage with them while they get ready your accommodation.

Delegate package

Your delegate package includes 1.- Breakfast (only for those who stay overnight), lunch, dinner, 2x snacks, 2.- unlimited drinks and fruits during the day, and 3.- access to the venue facilities (swimming pool, gym, sauna, games… ).

Claiming travel expenses

If you are entitled to claim travel expenses please keep the hard copies of the tickets and use the public transport or the most economical option. Detailed information about how to claim travel expenses will be provided during the event.


Presentation templates for project representatives

Optional templates are available to prepare project presentations for the symposium.


Repository with information about the BioHackathon hosted in Paris in Nov 2018






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