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BioHackathon-Europe 2019 (archived repo)

Join the chat at

Hashtag: #bh2019europe

This repository was used for the participants of the BioHackathon hosted in Paris in Nov 2019 to share ideas, create issues, manage projects, publish materials, create code, etc.

Requesting access to this repo

Access for this repository can be requested over the gitter channel Join the chat at, e-mail including your GitHub username or in the following GitHub issue #13.


(ordered by project number)

  • Project 5: Disease and pathway maps for Rare Diseases
  • Project 6: Copy Number Variation Beacon
  • Project 8: Scalable delivery of FAIR training in Life Sciences using Galaxy and the Carpentries training material
  • Project 7: Towards seamless Galaxy and InterMine integration: Enhanced region analysis
  • Project 11: Text-mining and semantic web technologies
  • Project 12: Knowledge graph for scholarly publications in Bioschemas
  • Project 14: panoptes: monitor computational workflows in real time
  • Project 15: Implementation of Bioschema for Orphanet and Orphadata
  • Project 22: RO Shape Profiles, BrAPI, and Bioschemas Shapes Validation
  • Project 25: Designing a Software Management Plan as ELIXIR guidelines
  • Project 26: Data Ingestion Pipeline for the IDP Community
  • Project 27: FAIR Identifier Mapping: Building Bridges Between Communities
  • Project 29: Semantic recommendation system for life sciences publications
  • Project 31: Bioconda and Biocontainers helpdesk
  • Project 32: Nightingale - Data visualization web components for the life sciences

BioHackathon IP disclaimer

The BioHackathon Europe is organised and funded by the ELIXIR Hub and does not retain any license or any intellectual property rights over any Participant’s submission. ANY CODE DEVELOPED BY THE PARTICIPANTS SHALL BE OWNED BY THE PARTICIPANT(S) TOGETHER WITH THE CORRESPONDING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. Participants are responsible for their licence definition and complaint with any software dependency or third-party licences. Participants are responsible to manage the intellectual property rights of their projects. Participants confirm not to infringe the copyright of any third party. Participants hold the ELIXIR Hub harmless against all claims or lawsuits arising out of any injury, illness, or damage.

Code added to the biohackathon projects repository will be open source under the MIT licence. It is always possible for participants to create their own repository with a licence of their preference as far as they link to it from the BioHackathon repository. Please notice that a licence MUST be used, i.e., repositories with no licence at all MUST be avoided. Any chosen licence for projects developed as part of the BioHackathon SHOULD be open source.


This repository is meant for the participants of the BioHackathon hosted in Paris in Nov 2019 to share ideas, create issues, manage projects, publish materials, create code, etc.







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