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Interoperable Workflows for Communities

Project Number: 1

Research area alignment

  • ELIXIR Tools Platform ELIXIR Interoperability Platform ELIXIR Galaxy Community EOSC-Life GA4GH All ELIXIR Communities


Submitter: Frederik Coppens


  • Frederik Coppens


  • Frederik Coppens Björn Grüning

Nominated participant(s)

  • Paolo Di Tommaso Nextflow Lead Marius van den Beek Galaxy Tools & Workflows

Expected outcomes

    • increased awareness of the interoperability stack for tools and workflows ELIXIR is developing and will be supporting in EOSC
  • more workflows available in this ecosystem
  • more communities / scientific domains integrated in this ecosystem
  • feedback on further development of the ecosystem

Expected audience

  • researchers developing workflows expected interaction with experts in conda, containers, Galaxy (tools), nextflow, registries,

Number of expected hacking days: 4

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