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Plant Genotyping Metadata Standard Specification Hackathon

Project Number: 10

Research area alignment

    • Plant Sciences
  • Interoperability
  • ELIXIR Deposition Databases : EVA
  • Address the lack of existing standard or API to exchange plant genotyping data in a FAIR compliant way
  • Development of community standards supporting metadata validation (Elixir Validation IS)
  • FONDUE Plant Sciences Community-led Implementation Study of ELIXIR (lead by U. Scholz)
  • Continuation of the BRAPI and MIAPPE alignment that successfully emerged from the 2018 biohackathon (Plant Validation track) and will provide the first step of an improvement of the FAIRness of genotyping data.


Submitter: Nacer Mohellibi


  • Nacer Mohellibi


  • Nacer Mohellibi, Uwe Scholz

Nominated participant(s)

  • 1.Iain Milne (JHI,, API developper & Data Manager, Experience in manipulating genotyping datasets, Semantics, ontologies concepts, JSON schema, data validation) 2.Guilhem Sempere (Southgreen,, Information System and API developper / JSON Schema) 3.Bilal El Houdaigui (URGI,, API developer, JSON Schema)

Expected outcomes

    • Produce a 1st version of the Plant Genotyping standard specification (including Polymorphism Discovery).
  • Through FONDUE 1st deliverable: build genomic data sets using the standard we started to define during the hackathon.

Expected audience

  • Audience:
  • Plant Genotyping Data Managers
  • API developpers with experience of JSON schema and data validation
  • Ontologists
  • Breeders Required skills:
  • Experience in manipulating genotyping datasets
  • Semantics and especially ontologies concepts
  • API developpment
  • Data management

Number of expected hacking days: 4

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