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Text-mining and semantic web technologies

Project Number: 11

Research area alignment

  • ELIXIR platforms: Data/Interoperability ELIXIR Communities: Rare Disease/Proteomics/Metabolomics


Submitter: Venkata Satagopam


  • Venkata Pardhasaradhi Satagopam


  • Venkata Satagopam >, Johanna McEntyre, Aravind Venkatesan, Carlos Vega Moreno

Nominated participant(s)

  • Dr. Lars Juhl Jensen, University of Copenhagen, Dr. Martin Krallinger, CNIO,

Expected outcomes

  • We look forward to the development of a common integration between cross-resource literature knowledgebase projects, delivering advancements on interoperability and accessibility of text-mining resources by developing an interface by extending existing APIs and application of standards, for example, W3C Web Annotation Data Model. This common interface will be tangentially beneficial for the different use cases that, for example, creation of interaction networks and disease maps and annotate corresponding entities, relationships and events through such knowledge databases. We are planned to submit a manuscript on Biohackathon outcome. Between the potential achievements, we could find an extended and lasting collaboration between institutions as well as scientific literature contributions, exploring the deployment of joint multi-institutional services.

Expected audience

  • Bioinformaticians and developers working in the areas of text-mining, network biology and semantic web technologies.

By all means, organisers commit to the proposal with the participation and contribution of developers, bioinformaticians for the event to ensure the presence of enough human resources and provide momentum during the biohackathon. 3 people from the University of Luxembourg and 2 from EMBL-EBI will participate in this Biohackathon topic.

Number of expected hacking days: 4

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