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Knowledge graph for scholarly publications in Bioschemas

Project Number: 12

Research area alignment

  • Interoperability, Bioschemas


Submitter: Leyla Jael García Castro


  • Leyla Jael García Castro


  • Leyla Garcia Juliane Fluck Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann

Nominated participant(s)

    • Bernd Müller Java, indexes, semantic web
  • Benjamin Wolff Java, indexes, semantic web
  • T.B.D

Expected outcomes

    • Knowledge graph from the existing markup and crawler
  • Selection of an evaluation case
  • Findings regarding the selected evaluation case
  • Beyond the hackathon, the work done here can be used as a proof-of-concept and model for a Bioschemas knowledge graph Note: If not crawler available or not usable markup, we will work on a similar project but with different data.

Expected audience

    • People with knowledge on Bioschemas, knowledge graphs, semantic technologies, and machine learning

Number of expected hacking days: 3

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