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How to setup a local-EGA for Human Data with regulatory constraints?

Project Number: 13

Research area alignment

This project is mainly aligned with the Human Data communities:


Submitter: Victoria Dominguez Del Angel


  • Victoria Dominguez Del Angel


  • Jordi Rambla, Victoria Dominguez Del Angel, Christophe Blanchet, David Salgado, Olivier Collin

Nominated participant(s)

NAME Responsibility
Christophe Blanchet Cloud expert
Jordi Rambla EGA expert
Victoria Dominguez Del Angel Support on Cloud brokering
and Documentation

Expected outcomes

  • Deployment a local EGA instance in the Cloud Federation Biosphere with publically available Human data
  • Creation of the Image
  • Improve best practice documentation on “how to” deployment a Local EGA in a Cloud :
  • “How to use” Loca EGA from user’s prespective
  • Define and propose solutions on Human data sharing issues taking into account the French Legislation

Expected audience

  • Bioinformaticians, computer scientists, docker experts, cloud brokers

Number of expected hacking days: 4

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