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Development of a visualization library for real-time monitoring of computational workflows

Project Number: 14

Research area alignment

  • In alignment with ELIXIR tools and compute platforms


Submitter: Argyrios Alexandros Gardelakos


  • Argyrios Alexandros Gardelakos


  • Argyrios Alexandros Gardelakos, Georgios Kostoulas

Nominated participant(s)

    1. Georgios Ntalaperas, Programmer, Data transformation expert
  1. Foivos Gypas, Programmer, Bioinformatics expert (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics)

Expected outcomes

  • A working prototype to visualize and monitor the execution of workflows

Expected audience

  • Bioinformaticians and programmers, but everyone with technical background is more than welcome

Number of expected hacking days: 4

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