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Development of a Pulsar toolkit

Project Number: 17

Research area alignment

  • Federated Compute, Galaxy, Bioinformatics


Submitter: Gianmauro Cuccuru


  • Gianmauro Cuccuru


  • Gianmauro Cuccuru Marco Antonio Tangaro

Nominated participant(s)

  • Gianmauro Cuccuru (DE) - Ansible, Bash, Cloud computing, Docker, Galaxy, Python Miroslav Ruda (CZ) - Bash, Distributed job scheduling, Grid computing Marco Antonio Tangaro (IT) - Ansible, Bash, Cloud computing, Docker, Galaxy, Python

Expected outcomes

  • Having a network of trusted pulsar servers across Europe to leverage computational power more efficiently in ELIXIR Distributing jobs based on tool metrics and ELIXIR AAI attributes through Europe

Expected audience

  • Type of participants: Developers, DevOps, System Administrators Knowledge: basic Galaxy admin knowledge, Job scheduling Skills: Ansible, Bash, Python

Number of expected hacking days: 4

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