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Updating the Galaksio workflow management interface for Galaxy and migrating it to Vue.js

Project Number: 19

Research area alignment

  • Galaxy Working Group (making bioinformatics more accessible for biologists)


Submitter: Tomas Klingström


  • Tomas Klingström


  • Tomas Klingstrom

Nominated participant(s)

    1. Rafael Hernández de Diego, Is the original programmer behind Galaksio and a very skilled programmer in both front-end and back-end development. His current work is demanding but the BioHackaton can hopefully be seen as a bit of a prestige collaboration for his current employer and thus make him available to us for this.
  1. Marius van den Beek, One of the key developers in Europe for Galaxy with many major contributions to both Galaxy and Galaksio. (Note: Works in Paris)

  2. Nicola Soranzo, of the key developers in Europe for Galaxy and has developed Bioblend which is used to connect tools such as Galaksio with Galaxy.

Expected outcomes

  • The overall objective is to provide a simplified interface for running best practice workflows hosted on Galaxy servers. Specifically the hackaton will: *Migrate Galaksio to a more sustainable codebase. *Bring together key skills necessary to finalize some specific issues in the code. *Contribute to creation of a "component library" in Vue as components can be shared between Galaxy, Galaksio and other bioinformatics software using Vue.js (or where Vue.js can be easily added).

Expected audience

  • Galaxy administrators, developers and high level users. Researchers knowledgeable in JavaScript (more specifically Vue.js and/or Angular.js).

Number of expected hacking days: 4

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