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RO Shape Profiles, BrAPI, and Bioschemas Shapes Validation

Project Number: 22

Research area alignment

  • Interop Elixir Validation Implementation study Plant metadata submission SHEX/SHACL JSON-LD Shape validation


Submitter: Alasdair Gray


  • Alasdair Gray


  • Simon Jupp Alasdair Gray Adam Cowdy

Nominated participant(s)

  • Cyril Pommier, INRA, Philippe Rocca-Serra, UOXF, (ISA schema)

Expected outcomes

  • Understanding of a wider set of validation use cases identifying their commonalities and differences Extending validation to networks of resources Share best practice about reporting validation errors

Expected audience

  • In general programmers interested in adopting standards for validation tools, including, but not limited to: JSON schema experts Plant metadata related expert (MIAPPE, PPEO…) BrAPI/ISA developers JSON-LD validation

Number of expected hacking days: 2

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