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ELIXIR Data Stewardship Wizard: Templating Data Management Plans and integrating Software Management

Project Number: 23

Research area alignment

  • The Data Stewardship Wizard is proposed as a way of presenting ELIXIR Data Management Resources (databases, tools, etc) to ELIXIR users in the submitted proposal for ELIXIR-Converge. The work proposed here is complementary to the work that will be performed in that project, but it will be possible to use the BioHackathon time also to refer to more ELIXIR services in the Wizard knowledge model, working on the preliminaries for the goals in ELIXIR-Converge (the recently submitted ELIXIR Data Management proposal).


Submitter: Rob Hooft


  • Rob Hooft


  • Marek Suchánek; Rob Hooft;

Nominated participant(s)

  • It would be useful to have a person from one of the major funders or funding platforms, e.g. Marie Timmermann from Science Europe may be able to recommend one of her colleagues. They may not stay for other hackathon subjects.

Expected outcomes

    • Templates for Science Europe and H2020 used by Data Stewardship Wizard to generate DMPs.
  • New expertise in the Wizard knowledge model
  • New ideas for future integrations based on input from participants
  • Extending Knowledge Model with Software Management relevant topics

Expected audience

  • We expect to work with any ELIXIR-related data stewards and experts who have input on the knowledge model and/or the templates for funders, or who would simply like to learn how to add expertise to the system.

Number of expected hacking days: 4

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