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Data Ingestion Pipeline for the IDP Community

Project Number: 26

Research area alignment

  • Interop, IDP Community


Submitter: Alasdair Gray


  • Alasdair Gray


  • Ivan Mičetić Alasdair Gray

Nominated participant(s)

  • Ivan Mičetić,, MobiDB Balint Mészáros,, MFIB, DIBS Kenneth McLeod,, Bioschemas Crawler

Expected outcomes

    1. Source datasets marked-up with Bioschemas markup
  1. Crawler to consume Bioschemas markup from a given set of sources
  2. Data ingested into the MobiDB and DisProt
  3. Expose Bioschemas markup on IDP datasets like MobiDB and DisProt
  4. Paper describing the achievements and the benefits of the work

Expected audience

  • IDP Community data resource providers, programmers for crawling the markup and transforming it into the the MobiDB database.

Number of expected hacking days: 3

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