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FAIR Identifier Mapping: Building Bridges Between Communities

Project Number: 27

Research area alignment

  • Interoperability, Data Rare Disease, Metabolomics, but relevant for all Communities


Submitter: Denise Slenter


  • Denise Slenter


  • Denise Slenter, Chris Evelo, Egon Willighagen, Alasdair Gray

Nominated participant(s)

    1. Emma Schymanski - Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine -, Metabolomics and Toxicology expert, and provider of specific use case + data
  1. Nick Juty - University of Manchester -, and Compact Identifiers expert
  2. Tobias Kuhn - Free University of Amsterdam -, nanopublications

Expected outcomes

    1. Improve the FAIR metrics of existing BridgeDb ID mapping databases
  1. Automation of generation of Scientific Lenses for chemical compounds
  2. Expand integration of BridgeDb for workflow systems (Galaxy and/or KNIME)
  3. BridgeDb application to create link sets from Bioschemas (MolecularEntity) annotation
  4. Faster identifier mapping (with Apache Derby replacement)
  5. ID mapping data exchange using nanopublications, allowing explicit provenance being stored

Expected audience

  • ELIXIR Core Resource representations (mapping need and mapping providers) Semantic Web and interoperability experts Technicians with knowledge of Docker and/or OpenAPI Workflow developers (Galaxy, KNIME, CWL) Java developers

Number of expected hacking days: 4

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