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Mapping RDF Graphs to Property Graphs towards Practical Applications

Project Number: 28

Research area alignment

  • This toolkit utilises the existing federated data shared in RDF. We will initially focus on human genetics data (disease annotation, gene mutation information, etc.) from projects such as KGX (Knowledge Graph Exchange), Med2RDF, and DisGeNET However, this toolkit can be also applied to the RDF datasets in other research subdomains.


Submitter: Ryota Yamanaka


  • Ryota Yamanaka


  • Ryota Yamanaka Shota Matsumoto Hirokazu Chiba Ramona Röß

Nominated participant(s)

  • Shota Matsumoto (Japan) Ramona Röß (Germany) Ryota Yamanaka (Thailand)

Expected outcomes

    • G2GML mapping definitions for several existing datasets (KGX, Med2RDF, DesGeNET)
  • Generated property graph datasets for the projects above
  • Sample analysis methods on graph databases and the results
  • Paper to describe the practical use of G2GML

Expected audience

  • programmers (JavaScript, SPARQL, graph query languages) ontologists, data modelers (RDF, property graph) data analysts, algorithm developers (graph algorithms, machine learning)

Number of expected hacking days: 4

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