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Copy Number Variation Beacon

Project Number: 6

Research area alignment

  • This project is principally aligned with the ELIXIR h-CNV Community and the ELIXIR Beacon GA4GH Driver Project. Is it also aligned more generally with the ELIXIR Human Data Communities.


Submitter: David Salgado


  • David Salgado


  • Michael Baudis David Salgado Gary Saunders

Nominated participant(s)

  • Michael Baudis David Salgado Gary Saunders

Expected outcomes

    1. Functional Beacon sharing CNV data 2, Registering this Beacon to the ELIXIR Beacon Network 3 Controlled vocabulary / Common data elements used to describe a CNV 4.. Specifications 5.. Draft implementation

Expected audience

  • Anyone interested in CNV, Beacon, Interoperability, controlled vocabulary...

Number of expected hacking days: 4

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