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From Biotea to Bioschemas: definition of profiles required to represent scholarly publications

### Representative: Alexander Garcia


Bioschemas, BioHackathon Japan


Alexander Garcia
Olga Giraldo
Federico Lopez
Leyla Garcia
Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann

Background information

Biotea [1] provides a way to model biomedical scholarly publications in RDF, taking into account metadata, references, content and biomedical annotations. Bioschemas provides a simple way to add structured data to web pages. Mapping Biotea to Bioschemas represents an opportunity to easily add a semantic layer to publications, making them FAIRer and more machine-consumable. Having scholarly data in Bioschemas opens up possibilities for smarter recommendation systems and literature-based knowledge graphs and discovery.

Expected outcomes

  • Draft specification for scholarly publication Bioschemas profiles such as Journal, ScholarlyArticle and Author
  • Brainstorm on how to integrate the Biotea annotations model to Bioschemas
  • Story cases on how such data can be consumed and integrated to existing tools (e.g., [2])

Expected audience

People interested in scholarly publications, Bioschemas, structured data, natural language processing. Expected hacking days: 4 days

Related works and references

  1. Biotea: semantics for PubMed central
  2. TogoDoc server/client system: smart recommendation and efficient management of life science literature
  3. Bioschemas
  4. schema.org
  5. BLAH4

GitHub or any other public repositories of your FOSS products (if any)

Biotea repository


  1. Revise publication repositories currently including schema.org markup to see what elements they are marking up
  2. Find suitable types on schema.org (in addition to those already in use)
  3. Map Biotea model to schema.org/Bioschemas
  4. Define draft profile specifications
  5. Get feedback on specifications (Please use the GitHub issues with the label biotea2bioschemas)


  • Knowledge/interest on structured metadata for scholarly publications
  • Knowledge/interest on Biotea
  • Knowledge/interest on Bioschemas

How to participate

  • Have a look to the Biotea model and mapping to Bioschemas
  • Go to the profiles folder
  • Select the ones you want to contribute to
  • Fill the templates with your proposal for minimum, recommended and optional properties, cardinality and any controlled vocabulary
  • Upload them to or link them from the corresponding folder named as
  • Any comments or so you want to share, please do so via GitHub issues using the label "project: biotea2bioschemas"

Thanks for your collaboration!