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Putting structured data into individual entry pages in biological database

## Representatives

Jun-ichi Onami, Tatsuya Kushida, Shigeru Yatsuzuka




Jun-ichi Onami

Background information

Life Science Database Cross Search is a knowledge infrastructure for life science researchers. It has provided a web search service across more than 610 public databases (containing 15 million entries) since 2011. We have attached structured data (tags) into individual entry pages in original biological database for rich snippet in cross search (ex. ref1). Each tag corresponds to a property in the schema. In this proposal, we will discuss putting structured data into tool data. Some markup schema for tool data has been already available (ref2). But we need to decide which schema is appropriate for "biological tools".

Expected outcomes

We are planning to construct prototype of datasets (structured meta data of biological research tools) in this hackathon. Web page containing the structured tool data is the best format for good findability and accessibility via general search engine. Also this structured tool data combining numerous structured biological data (such as RDF formatted data) would contribute to NLP in future. We are also welcome Elixir to join this program.

Expected audience

database developers, schema developers, search service developers Expected hacking days: 4 days

Related works and references

GitHub or any other public repositories of your FOSS products (if any)

This project lives in


Jun-ichi Onami
Shigeru Yatsuzuka
Tatsuya Kushida
Matúš Kalaš
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