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Transfer of Research Assets between FAIRDOM SEEKs



Stuart Owen, Rick Jansen

Background information


The FAIRDOM SEEK is a web-based platform used for the sharing of scientific data sets, processes and procedures, models and simulations. SEEK can be installed locally, or the FAIRDOMHub service is available. The FAIRDOMHub guarantees long term storage and provides DOI minting.

Groups commonly would like push research outcomes from a locally managed SEEK to the FAIRDOMHub for publishing. This overlaps with a similar requirement to deposit to other repositories, such as PRIDE.

In parallel, we would also like to take the opportunity to align and incorporate the BioSchemas vocabulary within our markup and metadata.

Expected outcomes

We’d be aiming to achieve depositing basic items between one SEEK and another, starting small with individual items, moving to larger composite items.

It would make use of our JSON API, and/or Research Objects and be designed in a way that can be easily extended to support additional public repositories.

We’d hope to end with a clearer idea of future design decisions; solutions to known challenges; and realisation of any unexpected challenges that would influence the overall direction.

We're also hoping to do some work incorporating Bioschemas and also dicussing Galaxy integration.

Expected audience

Programmers, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JSON, JSON API, Research Objects Expected hacking days: 2.5 days

Related works and references

GitHub or any other public repositories of your FOSS products (if any)