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BioJS @ Biohackathon Paris 2018.pdf

Development of BioJS components and their integration into Galaxy.

Representative: Yo Yehudi


ELIXIR Interoperability Platform as visualization and parser tools as those compiled in BioJS aim to make it easier for different data source to interoperate. ELIXIR Galaxy community to integrate BioJS components into Galaxy and re-use Galaxy converters for greater interoperability.


  • Yo Yehudi
  • Dennis Schwartz
  • Leyla Garcia
  • Dannon Baker
  • Bjoern Grüning

Background information

BioJS is a community-based project compiling JavaScript widgets and modular components to visualize and process biological data using web technologies, making it easier to integrate them to your own website. BioJS provides a registry showcase so users can search components and see them in action.

BioJS started in 2012 and has grown via Google Summer of Code (GSoC) where BioJS has participated standalone in 2014 and 2016. 2015 BioJS and the Galaxy project joined forces and created a tool to automatically convert BioJS components into Galaxy’s visualisation system. We would like to work on further Galaxy integration and either update the conversion tool or sketch out how BioJS components could natively fit into Galaxy Vis system.

Expected outcomes

  • Improved BioJS front-end
  • Improved BioJS core
  • New webcomponents. Any component is welcome, for instance Bioschemas-related Galaxy converter
  • Planning native Galaxy-BioJS integration
  • Improving documentation around BioJS

Expected audience

  • Developers with experience in any flavour of modern JavaScript, i.e., ECMAScript 6, and JavaScript frameworks, e.g., React, Vue, D3, etc.
  • Developers familiar with Galaxy or eager to learn Galaxy Vis system Expected hacking days: 3 days

Related works and references

GitHub or any other public repositories of your FOSS products (if any)

BioJS core


BioJS Paris 2018 Hackathon Slides


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