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Alternative episodes for the 4 Open Source Software (4OSS) lesson focused on different Open Source technologies: Github, Docker, Jupyter Notebook and so on

Representative: Mateusz Kuzak


ELIXIR Training Platform, “ELIXIR Software development best practices” group, Tools Platform and the Carpentries Foundation


  • Mateusz Kuzak ‎‎
  • Victoria Dominguez Del Angel
  • Allegra Via ‎‎

Background information

Following the success of the F1000 paper “Four simple recommendations ...”, the “ELIXIR Training Platform” partners with The Carpentries to create training materials following these recommendations. The lesson will be developed in a 4-stage process:

  1. CarpentryCon: define lesson learning outcomes and contents
  2. Hackathon in Utrecht in August producing the first lesson draft
  3. Online lesson refinement through GitHub issues and pull requests;
  4. Satellite meeting at NETTAB (Oct 2018) to release the first version of the material During the hack we plan: 1-day workshop teaching the new material. Work on Implementations of the episodes focusing on different audience and technologies.

Expected outcomes

Feedback from the trial workshop, in the form of GitHub issues and PRs, will be used to improve the lesson. The expertise of the participants participating in the workshop will give an exceptional advantage. New first episode version teaching GitLab. New episode version targeted to researchers using very popular Jupyter Notebooks for data analysis and visualisation as well as Docker containers for complex setups. It will show the power of combining GitHub with Jupyter Notebooks through Binder.

Expected audience

ELIXIR Training coordinators Carpentries instructors, trainers and lesson maintainers Jupyter notebook community Research software engineers Docker community

Expected hacking days: 1 day workshop + one day hackathon

Related works and references

GitHub or any other public repositories of your FOSS products (if any)