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Assessing the FAIRness of Training Materials

### Representative: Leyla Garcia


Elixir training platform, Bioschemas


Denise Carvalho-Silva , Victoria Dominguez Del Angel , Michel Dumontier , Mateusz Kuzak , Celia van Gelder

Background information

The FAIR metrics working group ( developed the framework and defined the exemplar metrics for measuring FAIRness of digital resources [2]. FAIRness reflects the extent to which a digital resource addresses the FAIR principles as per the expectations defined by a community. So far there has been no work done on establishing those expectations and assessing the fairness of Training resources (learning materials and events). First discussions have sparkled during ELIXIR All Hands 2018 meeting a group of people participated in the workshop “How to make training FAIR” [3]. During this workshop a small team has been defined as a working group on FAIR metrics for training.

Expected outcomes

We expect to first identify community expectations of training materials, second catalogue new training-specific metrics, third perform a FAIRness assessment of existing training materials with existing and new metrics, and fourth evaluate how Bioschemas TrainingMaterial specification works regarding the identified metrics. This work aim to complement efforts started by FAIR metrics group (see references 1 and 2).

  • A definition on what a training material is
  • A list of participants
  • A list of training material resources
  • Assessment on training materials FAIRness using current metrics
  • Reflection on challenges when assessing training material FAIRness
  • A set of trining materials specific metrics

Expected audience

  • Training coordinators
  • Trainers
  • Trainees
  • Anyone interested in or with knowledge on FAIR principles and passionate about training
    Expected hacking days: 2 days

Related works and references

  1. FAIR metrics
  2. A design framework and exemplar metrics for FAIRness
  3. “How to make training FAIR”
  4. Bioschemas TrainingMaterial specification
  5. GO FAIR principles explained

GitHub or any other public repositories of your FOSS products (if any)

Tentative tasks

Not sure how long we will get during the Paris BioHackathon, but some ideas here

  1. Brainstorming on what FAIR means for training materials
  2. Brainstorming on how to assess FAIRness for training materials
  3. Brainstorming on challenges and how to deal with them
  4. Brainstorming on metrics to assess FAIRness for training materials (based on the existing ones)
  5. Some agreements and plan on how to follow


  • Knowledge/interest on FAIR principles
  • Knowledge/interest on training materials
  • Knowledge/interest on structured metadata schemas such as and Bioschemas

How to participate

  • There has is an Elixir group working on FAIRness materials, contact us if you want to participate there
  • Join us during the BioHackathon on Tuesday for our brainstorming, assessment exercises and reflection activities
  • If you cannot join the live brainstorming, still keep an eye to this space and share your comments or doubts via GitHub issues, please use the label "project: FAIR training"

Thanks for collaborating!

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