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Seems good. :shipit:


Let's add the conventional links to the getting started guide at the end too?

And can we expand a bit the information about the records optimization? Feel free to copy bits and/or link to:

Thanks a lot for writing this!

@josevalim josevalim merged commit b6e8231 into elixir-lang:master
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Commits on Dec 4, 2012
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    v0.7.2 announcement

    yrashk authored
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<div class="widget news">
- News: <a href="/blog/2012/11/18/elixir-v0-7-1-released-and-the-end-of-a-journey/">Elixir v0.7.1 released, watch the video and slides</a>
+ News: <a href="/blog/2012/12/04/elixir-v0-7-2-released/">Elixir v0.7.2 released</a>
46 _posts/2012-12-04-elixir-v0-7-2-released.markdown
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+layout: post
+title: Elixir v0.7.2 released
+author: Yurii Rashkovskii
+category: Releases
+excerpt: Elixir v0.7.2 is released, new, improved type specifications syntax and many other improvements.
+Hot out of the oven! We just released Elixir v0.7.2 with a number of delicious improvements.
+One of the most important changes in this minor release is a partial rehaul of
+the type specification syntax.
+Here's the gist:
+ @spec myfun(integer), do: integer
+ # becomes
+ @spec myfun(integer) :: integer
+ @type a :: fun
+ # becomes
+ @type a :: (... -> any) or ((...) -> any) or (fun(...) -> any)
+ @type a :: fun(do: integer)
+ # becomes
+ @type a :: (() -> integer) or (fun() -> integer)
+ @type a :: fun(integer, do: integer)
+ # becomes
+ @type a :: (integer -> integer) or ((integer) -> integer) or (fun(integer) -> integer)
+ @type a :: fun(integer, integer, do: integer)
+ # becomes
+ @type a :: (integer, integer -> integer) or ((integer, integer) -> integer) or (fun(integer, integer) -> integer)
+Another change is that Mix now echoes the output of external tools
+such as git and rebar, and handles exit status correctly. This have previously
+led to some less-than-perfect workflows.
+We've also added a more compact and visual form of the `function` helper. Now, instead of `function(Enum, :all?, 2)` you can use `function(Enum.all?/2)`.
+We've also figured out how to achieve an up to 6x [performance increase]( when using records.
+...and [many other fixes & improvements](
+Lastly, but not least importantly, I'd like to mention that we're very excited about how the community around Elixir is building up. Thank you all for being around and supporting us!
+[Learn more about Elixir](/getting_started/1.html)!
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