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%% Using elixir as a rebar dependency
%% This configuration file only exists so Elixir can be used
%% as a rebar dependency, the same happens for the file
%% src/
%% In practice, Elixir is structured as OTP where many applications
%% are placed in the lib directory. Since this is structure is not
%% supported by rebar, after adding Elixir as a dependency, you need
%% to explicitly tell rebar which Elixir applications you want to use
%% use by adding them to your lib_dirs configuration:
%% {lib_dirs, [
%% "deps/elixir/lib/elixir/ebin",
%% "deps/elixir/lib/ex_unit/ebin"
%% ]}.
%% Run make as the proper compilation step
{ post_hooks, [{compile,"make compile"}] }.
%% This prevents rebar_elixir_plugin from recompiling Elixir
{ ex_opts, [{src_dirs, [".PHONY"]}] }.
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