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@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ ask Mix to use Rebar 3 to compile it by passing the `manager: :rebar3` option.
Once configured, Mix will prompt you to install Rebar 3 if it is not yet
## v1.2.0-dev
## v1.2.0-rc.0 (2015-12-09)
### 1. Enhancements
@@ -92,7 +92,9 @@ available.
* [Application] Add `get_application/1` to retrieve the application a given module belongs to
* [Base] Optimize encode and decode operations about 10 times
* [Enum] Use the faster and auto-seeding `:rand` instead of `:random` in `Enum.shuffle/1` and `Enum.random/1` and `Enum.take_random/2`
* [Enum] Add `Enum.with_index/2`
* [GenServer] Add `GenServer.stop/1` for shutting down servers reliably
* [IO] Add `color` related functions to `IO.ANSI`
* [Kernel] Support multiple aliases in `alias`, `import`, `require` and `use`. For example, `alias MyApp.{Foo, Bar, Baz}`
* [Kernel] Add `struct!/2`. Similar to `struct/2` but raises on invalid keys
* [Kernel] Warn if `@doc/@typedoc/@moduledoc` attributes are redefined
@@ -108,9 +110,11 @@ available.
* [Macro] Add `Macro.traverse/4` that performs pre and post-walk at once
* [Macro] Add `Macro.camelize/1` and `Macro.underscore/1`
* [Process] Add `Process.get_keys/0`
* [Stream] Add `Stream.with_index/2`
* [String] Introduce `String.replace_{prefix,suffix,leading,trailing}/2`. The first two will replace only the first occurrence of the given match in string. The last two will replace all occurrences of the given match
* [String] Support `String.normalize/2` and `String.equivalent?/2` that perform NFD and NFC normalization
* [System] Add `System.time_offset`, `System.monotonic_time`, `System.system_time`, `System.convert_time_unit` and `System.unique_integer`
* [System] Allow `System.cmd/3` to remove variables by specifying nil values
* [Task] Add `Task.Supervisor.async_nolink/1/3` that spawns a supervised task without linking to the caller process
* [Task] Introduce `Task.yield_many/2`
* [Task] Raise an error when a task is queried from a non-owning process (instead of waiting forever)
@@ -138,14 +142,18 @@ available.
* [Mix] Validate git options and warn on conflicting ref, branch or tags
* [Mix] New umbrella applications will now share configuration and build files
* [Mix] Add experimental support for Rebar 3
* [Mix] Do not warn when an optional dependency has a conflicting `:only` option with another dependency

### 2. Bug fixes

#### Kernel

* [Kernel] Raise when conflicting `:only` and `:except` are given to import
* [Kernel] Change `__ENV__.file` if `@file` is set for the given function
* [Kernel] Make `Kernel.ParallelRequire` aware of `:warning_as_errors`
* [Kernel] Improve error message for invalid `do`/`do:`
* [Macro] Ensure `Macro.to_string/2` respects operator precedence when using the access operator
* [Path] Do not crash when expanding paths that go beyond the root, for example, `Path.expand("/../..")`

#### IEx

@@ -158,6 +166,7 @@ available.
* [Mix] Ensure rebar projects work on directory names that contain non-latin characters
* [Mix] Ignore directories inside `apps` in umbrellas that do not have a `mix.exs` file
* [Mix] Ensure Mix can be used with path dependencies where the app name is different than the path basename
* [Mix] Ensure dependencies won't crash when updating from a git repository to a hex repository and the git version did not respect SemVer

#### ExUnit

@@ -1 +1 @@
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
{application, elixir,
[{description, "elixir"},
{vsn, "1.2.0-dev"},
{vsn, "1.2.0-rc.0"},
{modules, [

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