@josevalim josevalim released this Aug 10, 2014 · 7161 commits to master since this release

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  • [GenEvent] Support :ack mode for GenEvent streams
  • [Inspect] Support :base option in inspect/2 to choose the base (:binary, :octal, :decimal or :hex) numbers a printed
  • [Kernel] Print warnings when used ? with characters with escape codes
  • [Logger] Add SASL log forwarding option to Logger
  • [Logger] Add $padlevel to option Logger formatter
  • [Logger] Backends receive the exact handler value when added, allowing a key to be passed for configuration lookup
  • [Logger] Add Logger.flush/0 to flush the Logger (useful for testing)
  • [Logger] Persist backends dynamically added or removed via add_backend/2 and remove_backend/2
  • [Macro] Add Macro.validate/1 to recursively check if a value is a valid quoted expression
  • [Mix] Load mix deps only when there is a need to use them (this improves the timing for the majority of tasks in a Mix project)
  • [Mix] Make the environment explicit on the success message generated after is invoked
  • [Mix] Load config/config.exs inside escripts
  • [Mix] Store and check Elixir version requirement for generated archives

Bug fixes

  • [CLI] Fix shell bugs when running on Windows with Cygwin or MinGW
  • [Kernel] Modules compiled by Elixir now report the correct beam location when :code.which/1 is invoked. If the bytecode is only available in memory, :code.which/1 returns :in_memory
  • [Kernel] Do not expand args for unknown functions/macros
  • [Kernel] Ensure defstruct, @attr inside and friends raise a nice error messages when values cannot be properly escaped
  • [Kernel] Do not raise conflicts on imports used from inside quotes
  • [Logger] Metadata is now correctly merged on each Logger.metadata/1 call
  • [Logger] Use the Logger PID on :error_logger wrapper to avoid race conditions on shutdown
  • [Macro] Ensure bitstrings work with Macro.escape/1
  • [Mix] Ensure aliases are invoked on umbrella recursive tasks
  • [Mix] Leave it up to the application to start the Logger after compilation
  • [Mix] Accept more forms of git versions (like "git version 1.9.3 (Apple Git-50)")
  • [Path] Do not normalize paths in Path.join/2 as normalization is beyond the scope of such function
  • [URI] to_string/1 now properly converts URI to strings when the schema is missing


  • [Collectable] Having a function as collectable is deprecated
  • [Module] Module.function/3 is deprecated, please use :erlang.make_fun/3 instead