@josevalim josevalim released this Jun 29, 2015 · 6867 commits to master since this release

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  • [Elixir] Support Erlang 18.0
  • [IEx] Rely only on loaded applications for autocompletion on IEx
  • [Record] Expand attributes and macros in record extractor
  • [String] Optimize String.rstrip/1
  • [String] Optimize String.downcase/1
  • [String] Optimize String.upcase/1

Bug fixes

  • [EEx] Ensure blocks do not clobber EEx buffers
  • [Enum] Ensure Enum.take/2 does not consume one extra item when halting on the last emittable item
  • [ExUnit] Fix StringIO processes leakage in the ExUnit.CaptureIO when there are errors inside the capture_io block
  • [Float] Avoid rounding errors on Float.parse/1
  • [GenEvent] Fix GenEvent detection of modules that aren't loaded
  • [IO] Read 4K blocks instead of lines in IO.binread/2. This fixes a bug where CRLF were being ignored and is also going to improve performance
  • [Logger] Handle :undefined arity in Logger.Translator (we get :undefined when a temporary worker of a simple_one_for_one supervisor crashes)
  • [Mix] Ensure config is escaped before being injected into escripts. This fixes a bug where escripts failed to build when containing values like maps in config files
  • [Mix] Ensure we properly underscore acronyms followed by paths, for example, HTTP.Foo
  • [Stream] Ensure Stream.flat_map/2 does not consume more items than necessary when piped to another Stream.flat_map/2 that halts in the inner stream
  • [Version] Fix to_string for versions with numeric pre releases