@josevalim josevalim released this Jun 28, 2016 · 3707 commits to master since this release

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1. Enhancements


  • [IEx.Helpers] Add import_file_if_available for importing files only if they are available
  • [IEx.Helpers] Add import_if_available for importing modules only if they are available

2. Bug fixes


  • [Kernel] Ensure structs can be expanded in dynamic module names
  • [Kernel] Ensure aliases warnings are not accidentally discarded when the same module is imported
  • [Kernel.ParallelCompiler] Ensure two modules with cyclic struct dependencies cannot run into a deadlock when compiling
  • [Kernel.Typespec] Support module attributes in remote types
  • [Module] Do not expect stacktraces to be always present when dispatching to locals during the module compilation


  • [IEx.Helpers] Fix h helper for operators


  • [Mix] Do not load modules for xref purposes, instead use BEAM info
  • [Mix] Ensure deps.check does not check archives (that's done in loadpaths)
  • [Mix] Validate application properties before traversing them
  • [Mix] Check for proper Makefile when compiling on Windows
  • [Mix] Enforce space after comma in mix do