@josevalim josevalim released this Sep 29, 2017 · 2076 commits to master since this release

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1. Enhancements


  • [Kernel] Optimize function definition with multiple clauses by not traversing the internal clauses table
  • [Kernel] Warn if unary operators are followed by new lines
  • [Registry] Use the name of the Registry as its :id in the child_spec/1 function

2. Bug fixes


  • [DateTime] Fix negative microsecond result when passing negative Unix epochs to from_unix/2
  • [Kernel] Improve error message for oversized atoms
  • [Kernel] Ensure @impl attribute also propagates to clauses from default arguments
  • [Kernel] Emit proper error for unknown vars inside binary pattern in match


  • [IEx] Do not crash IEx unexpectedly on System.stop/0
  • [IEx.Helpers] Ensure exiting a breakpoint set inside a breakpoint does not terminate the shell unexpectedly


  • [mix local.hex] Ensure --if-missing flag works as advertised
  • [mix test] Do not trigger additional error reports when there is a failure when loading test files
  • [Mix.SCM.Git] Ensure errors when invoking git propagate correctly