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Official announcement: https://elixir-lang.org/blog/2018/01/17/elixir-v1-6-0-released/

1. Enhancements


  • [EEx] Allow markers / and | to be used in a custom EEx engine


  • [Calendar] Add truncate to Time, DateTime and NaiveDateTime to facilitate microsecond precision pruning
  • [Code] Add format_string!/2 and format_file!/2 for automatic code formatting
  • [Code] Support column annotations in quoted expressions with columns: true in Code.string_to_quoted/2
  • [DynamicSupervisor] Add DynamicSupervisor designed to manage children that are added and removed dynamically
  • [Exception] Make Exception.blame/3 extensible by adding an optional blame/2 callback to exceptions
  • [Exception] Improve the printing of guards on blamed exceptions
  • [Enumerable] Add Enumerable.slice/1 and optimize many Enum operations with the new protocol. This allows data-structures with index-based random access to provide a non-linear implementation
  • [Inspect] Show UTF-8 BOM on inspected strings
  • [Inspect.Algebra] Add :strict and :flex breaks - this gives more control over the document fitting
  • [Inspect.Algebra] Allow a group to inherit the parent group break
  • [Inspect.Algebra] Add force_unfit/1 and next_break_fits/2 which give more control over document fitting
  • [Inspect.Algebra] Add collapse_lines/1 for collapsing multiple lines to a maximum value
  • [Inspect.Algebra] Allow nest/2 to be :reset or be set to the current :cursor position
  • [Kernel] Prefix variables with V when emitting Erlang code. This improves the integration with tools such as Erlang code formatters and the GUI debugger
  • [Kernel] Warn on the use of length(x) == 0 in guards
  • [Kernel] Warn if catch comes before rescue in try
  • [Kernel] Warn if heredoc is outdented compared to its closing quotes
  • [Kernel] Add defguard/1 and defguardp/1 to make it easier to build guard-safe macros
  • [Kernel.ParallelCompiler] Add compile/2, compile_to_path/3 and require/2 which provide detailed information about warnings and errors
  • [Kernel.SpecialForms] Support the uniq: true flag in for comprehensions
  • [Module] Introduce @deprecated and @since attributes
  • [List] Rearrange equals and inserts for shorter diff scripts in List.myers_difference/2
  • [Record] Allow :macros and :includes to be given to Record.extract/2
  • [Stream] Add Stream.intersperse/2
  • [String] Update to Unicode 10
  • [String] Allow passing empty string match to String.replace/4
  • [String] Support context and language sensitive operations in String.upcase/2 and String.downcase/2. Currently only the :greek context is supported
  • [String] Support :ascii conversion in String.upcase/2 and String.downcase/2
  • [Time] Add Time.add/3


  • [ExUnit.Assertions] Perform inclusive checks in assert_in_delta
  • [ExUnit.Callbacks] Add ExUnit.Callbacks.start_supervised!/2
  • [ExUnit.Case] Generate a random seed per test based on the test suite seed


  • [IEx.Autocomplete] Provide contextual autocompletion: t Enum. will autocomplete types, b Enum will autocomplete callbacks
  • [IEx.CLI] Provide hints for developers when a bad host name is given to --remsh
  • [IEx.Helpers] Automatically include specs when showing documentation for functions/macros
  • [IEx.Helpers] Improve formatting of behaviours and typespecs by using the formatter
  • [IEx.Helpers] Allow pattern matching and guard expressions when on IEx.break!


  • [Logger] Add :discard_threshold to Logger to help with message queue overflow


  • [mix app.start] Add --preload-modules to mix app.start
  • [mix archive.build] Allow mix archive.build to bundle dot files via an option
  • [mix compile] Define a behavior for Mix compiler tasks and return diagnostics from compiler tasks
  • [mix compile] Track struct dependencies between files and recompile them only if the struct changes
  • [mix deps] Support :system_env option when specifying dependencies
  • [mix format] Add a mix format task that formats the given files (or the files specified in a .formatter.exs file)
  • [mix profile.eprof] Add a new task for time-based profiling with eprof
  • [mix test] Run all functions in a describe block by giving the file:line the describe block starts
  • [mix test] Report the top N slowest tests with the --slowest N flag
  • [mix test] Report the number of doctests and tests separately
  • [mix xref] Support --include-siblings in reports for umbrella support
  • [mix xref] Add mix xref graph --format stats
  • [mix xref] Add --only-nodes and --label filters to mix xref graph
  • [mix xref] Add mix xref deprecated that shows the callsite of deprecated functions

2. Bug fixes


  • [CLI] Support path with spaces as argument to elixir.bat
  • [Inspect] Properly handle minus signal for non-decimal negative integers
  • [Integer] Do not raise on non-integer values in is_odd/is_even
  • [Kernel] Solve a precedence issue between & and |, such as [&Foo.bar/1 | &Baz.bat/2]
  • [Kernel] Do not load dynamic Elixir modules as :in_memory as this value is not officially supported by the code server. Instead, use an empty list, which is the same value used by Erlang.
  • [Kernel] Validate variable struct name is atom when used in pattern matching
  • [Kernel] No longer generate documentation for defdelegate functions automatically to avoid overriding previously specified @doc
  • [Macro] Fix Macro.to_string/2 for tuple calls, such as alias Foo.{Bar, Baz}
  • [MapSet] Return valid MapSet when unioning a legacy MapSet
  • [Regex] Return a leading empty space when splitting on empty pattern. This makes the split operation consistent with the other operations in the Regex module
  • [Stream] Ensure Stream.chunk_while/4 does not emit more elements than necessary when halted
  • [String] Return a leading empty space when splitting on empty string. This makes the split operation consistent with the other operations in the String module
  • [URI] Preserve empty fragments in URI.parse/1


  • [mix app.start] Improve the quality of reports if app fails to boot
  • [mix cmd] Allow mix cmd to be invoked multiple times without marking it as executed
  • [mix deps] Ensure optional dependencies in umbrella applications are loaded
  • [mix deps.update] Ensure transitive new non-Hex dependencies are also fetched when a repo is updated
  • [mix xref] Take compile dependencies with higher priority than runtime ones when building a graph
  • [mix xref] Handle external files for xref callers and warnings

3. Soft deprecations (no warnings emitted)


  • [GenServer] Warn if init/1 is not defined in GenServer. This brings GenServer closer to the implementation in OTP and aligns all behaviours to require the init/1 callback
  • [Inspect.Algebra] surround/3 and surround_many/6 are deprecated in favor of container_doc/6
  • [Kernel] Specifying map types with variable keys without defining the type as required/optional is deprecated
  • [Kernel.ParallelCompiler] files/2 and files_to_path/3 are deprecated in favor of compile/2 and compile_to_path/3
  • [Kernel.ParallelRequire] files/2 is deprecated in favor of Kernel.ParallelCompiler.require/2
  • [Supervisor] The :simple_one_for_one strategy is deprecated in favor of DynamicSupervisor
  • [Supervisor] Passing a list of args to Supervisor.start_child/2 is deprecated in favor of DynamicSupervisor
  • [Task.Supervisor] Passing :restart and :shutdown to Task.Supervisor.start_link/2 is deprecated (it should be passed on start child instead)


  • [ExUnit.Formatter] :case_started and :case_finished events are deprecated in favor of :module_started and :module_finished


  • [Mix.Compilers.Erlang] Returning {:ok, val} | :error from custom Erlang compilers is deprecated in favor of {:ok, val, warnings} | {:error, errors, warnings}

4. Deprecations


  • [Enum] Enum.partition/2 is deprecated in favor of Enum.split_with/2
  • [Keyword] Keyword.replace/3 is deprecated in favor of Keyword.fetch/2 and Keyword.put/3
  • [Map] Map.replace/3 is deprecated in favor of Map.fetch/2 and Map.put/3
  • [Macro] Macro.unescape_tokens/1 and Macro.unescape_tokens/2 are deprecated in favor of Enum.map/2
  • [Range] Deprecate Range.range?/1 in favor of pattern matching on _ .. _