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@josevalim josevalim released this Oct 24, 2018 · 2577 commits to master since this release

1. Enhancements


  • [Kernel] Expand left..right at compile time in more cases, which leads to improved performance under different scenarios, especially on x in left..right expressions


  • [mix deps.loadpaths] Add --no-load-deps flag. This is useful for Rebar 3 compatibility

2. Bug fixes


  • [Calendar] Fix for converting from negative iso days on New Year in a leap year
  • [Kernel] Ensure @spec, @callback, @type and friends can be read accordingly
  • [Module] Avoid warnings when using Module.eval_quoted in the middle of existing definitions


  • [mix] Unload previous archive versions before building
  • [mix format] Expand paths so mix format path\for\windows.ex works
  • [mix test] Ensure that --cover displays correct coverage in an umbrella app


  • SHA1: eb328d3b071b33d80ad4cb4b3b203c1b2d7a5186
  • SHA512: 807002481ae129fa1610a1facabe19765e2542397923d5c89e16b58f54870f2e444973e136d6b1207190b3117c03a37430860b6e3e6b7d59b3afb1b01852c6e3
  • SHA1: 47ae4cea91a2da8ff040e346c059afccbdbffa13
  • SHA512: 5b760a37e45640ab5816ad3ef2b581071e534fd0c409aa1a5348ee9a44980b099f54d66a3f9228be4ece1481a24b7109b1c9ac01d0aa0df4713fb0be1ca2de35
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