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defmodule Plug.Parsers.URLENCODED do
@moduledoc """
Parses urlencoded request body.
## Options
All options supported by `Plug.Conn.read_body/2` are also supported here.
They are repeated here for convenience:
* `:length` - sets the maximum number of bytes to read from the request,
defaults to 1_000_000 bytes
* `:read_length` - sets the amount of bytes to read at one time from the
underlying socket to fill the chunk, defaults to 1_000_000 bytes
* `:read_timeout` - sets the timeout for each socket read, defaults to
So by default, `Plug.Parsers` will read 1_000_000 bytes at a time from the
socket with an overall limit of 8_000_000 bytes.
@behaviour Plug.Parsers
def init(opts) do
opts = Keyword.put_new(opts, :length, 1_000_000)
Keyword.pop(opts, :body_reader, {Plug.Conn, :read_body, []})
def parse(conn, "application", "x-www-form-urlencoded", _headers, {{mod, fun, args}, opts}) do
case apply(mod, fun, [conn, opts | args]) do
{:ok, body, conn} ->
{:ok, Plug.Conn.Query.decode(body, %{}, Plug.Parsers.BadEncodingError), conn}
{:more, _data, conn} ->
{:error, :too_large, conn}
{:error, :timeout} ->
raise Plug.TimeoutError
{:error, _} ->
raise Plug.BadRequestError
def parse(conn, _type, _subtype, _headers, _opts) do
{:next, conn}