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Converts Elixir to JavaScript
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ElixirScript Documentation Build

The goal is to convert a subset (or full set) of Elixir code to JavaScript, providing the ability to write JavaScript in Elixir. This is done by taking the Elixir AST and converting it into JavaScript AST and then to JavaScript code. This is done using the Elixir-ESTree library.

Documentation for current release


  • Erlang 20 or greater
  • Elixir 1.6 or greater (must be compiled with Erlang 20 or greater)
  • Node 8.2.1 or greater (only for development)


Add dependency to your deps in mix.exs:

{:elixir_script, "~> x.x"}

Add elixir_script to list of mix compilers in mix.exs Also add elixir_script configuration

  def project do
    app: :my_app,
    # ...
    # Add elixir_script as a compiler
    compilers: Mix.compilers ++ [:elixir_script],
    # Our elixir_script configuration
    elixir_script: [
        # Entry module. Can also be a list of modules
        input: MyEntryModule,
        # Output path. Either a path to a js file or a directory
        output: "priv/elixir_script/build/"

Run mix compile



ElixirScript Todo Example


ElixirScript React

Starter kit

Elixirscript Starter Kit


# Clone the repo
git clone

#Get dependencies
make deps

# Compile

# Test
make test


#elixirscript on the elixir-lang Slack


Please check the

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