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Project Creator for web developers on Mac

This command line tool help web developers to create new web project set. Once you run the script, the following features will be automated.

Do not stop coding what you have in your mind!


  • adds new configurations to your hosts file to access local server.
  • adds new configurations to your .htaccess file for your virtual host.
  • creates project directory.
  • sets up html/css/javascript from some default templates.
  • restarts Apache.


Configuration Settings

Change the configuration settings on if you need. You may want to change projectPath. projectPath indicates the base path to place project directory.

Default templates

Two templates are originally placed, but you can put in more default templates. Just put in your own html/css/javascript packed in one directory to default directory.

e.g. You put in the directory named mobile to default directory. Command line will be the following.

> Choose a template from 'bootstrap/plain/mobile'. []


Run the following command.

$ python ./


$ python ./
Enter your domain name. (e.g. []
Enter the project path following '/virtual/www/'. (e.g. test) [] test
Enter document root directory following '/virtual/www/test/'. [public]
Choose a template from 'bootstrap/plain'. [] bootstrap

Project Path: /virtual/www/test
Document Root: /virtual/www/test/public
htaccess: /etc/apache2/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf
Template: bootstrap

Are you sure these configurations are all correct?(Y/n) [n] Y
Password: (Enter your root password)
Your project successfully generated.

The generated project will be like


If you want to skip configuration steps, here is a option. Domain, Project Path, Document Root and Template are automatically generated.

python ./ --mode=auto


  • It may be working on Linux.


  • Work for Nginx.
  • Create also project files for Sublime Text 2, Eclipse, and so on.