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Mobile UI for kismet
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###Prerequisite: git-master level kismet. (


  • git clone into the kismet git. ("/home/[whatever]/kismet")

      wiPi@YoMama:~/kismet# cd ~/kismet
      wiPi@YoMama:git clone
  • cd into kismetmobiledashboard

  • sudo make install

    wiPi@YoMama: sudo make install

  • restart kismet

    if you have issues :

    You can install the plugin manually too.(not recommended)

      1. git clone clone
      2. sudo mkdir /usr/local/lib/kismet/mobiledashboard
      3. sudo mkdir /[USER FOR KISMET:root or regular user home directory ]/.kismet/plugins/mobiledashboard
      4. cd KismetMobileDashboard
      5. sudo cp -r httpd /usr/local/lib/kismet/mobiledashbaord/
      6. sudo cp manifest.conf  *[USER FOR KISMET:root or regular user]*/.kismet/plugins/mobiledashboard/
      7. Restart kismet.

##2.Access it via : http://localhost:2501/plugin/mobiledashboard/

The trailing "/" is important. Without it you will get a 404.

To get "full screen" UI , access the page via your normal browser on the mobile device and then create a shortcut on the "home screen."

##2.How to :

1. Each pane can be expanded by clicking on its title.

2. If there is an error with a datasource. (ie: listed in the configuration file but not running, the "Active Sources" in the "System Details" pane will turn to red and show a "Source Error" .

3. The last pane "802.11 AP List" will show the APs detected.

  • clicking on the up-down arrow next tot the pane header will expand this list to full screen.

**In Fullscreen mode **

  • Click on a data row will show the Manufacturer name/Channel/List of Associated client's MAC address

Note: Most of my development focuses on 802.11 related stuff, so the others should work but besides BT , I don't have the means to test it.

Its still very eary in development but it should work.

everywhere : @elkentaro (the tweets,the grams, etc etc.)

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