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A handy set of function to ease out the creative process of drawing with Quil
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Generative-toolbelt is a rich set of Clojure functions to ease out the process of drawing and sketching with Quil. These are the function that I personally use when I'm creating my artworks.


The library is made of different sub-modules to individually manage shapes, to let you require only the part necessary to your project.

Each module comes with the functions to create, manage, and draw the structures representing that particular shape, plus some handy utility functions here and there.

Currently the modules implemented are:

  • Point.clj: Point, Vector, and Line structures.
  • Circle.clj: Circle and Ellipse structures.
  • Path.clj: Paths structures with conversion and smoothing functions.
  • Triangle.clj: Triangles structures with recursive triangle splitting and area triangulation functions.
  • Utils.clj: Canvas operations, draw options setters, random function wrappers, and sequences operations.
  • Color.clj: A draft of a Color structure to easily manage colors, still needs implementation.

The library is still in development and will be updated and expanded as I find the need of some new functions inside my drawings.

If you have any request feel free to open an issue here on GitHub and I'll try to implement that into the library!


You can use the source as external files to import into your project, or you can simply add this:

[elkiwy/generative-toolbelt "0.1.1-SNAPSHOT"]

to the dependencies in your project.clj file.


You can check the full automatically generated documentation with Codox at


Here are some example of the images that I generated through this library. If you want to see these images at high resolution with other images like these you can check out my website at


Copyright © 2019 Stefano Bertoli

Distributed under the MIT License

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