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What is this?

spotify-dl allows you to download Spotify playlists to your computer.

How does this work?

spotify-dl utilizes YouTube for all media. After receiving playlist information from Spotify, it queries YouTube for the most relevant matching video and extracts the audio to your device.

How do I use this?


  • To run spotify-dl, you'll need to install Node.js and youtube-dl.

Running the app

  • Clone this repository.

    git clone
  • Create a copy of config.example.json in the same directory named config.json.

  • Create a Spotify application through the Spotify Developer Dashboard.

    • When registering your new application, set the Redirect URI to be http://<YOUR_PROXY_PORT>/api/callback.
      • Note: the default proxy port for spotify-dl is :3000.
    • Copy your Spotify application's Client ID, Client Secret, and Redirtect URI into the spotify_client_id, spotify_client_secret and redirect_uri fields in config.json.
  • Create a new Google application through the Google Developer Console.

    • Select Credentials.
    • Create a new API Key.
    • Copy your Google application's API key into the google_api_key field in config.json.
  • Run the proxy server using the provided configuration file.

    haproxy -- haproxy.cfg
  • Set up and start the API.

    cd api
    npm install
    npm start
  • Set up and start the Client.

    cd client
    npm install
    npm start

The application should now be live in your browser at http://localhost:3000. Have fun!