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@@ -8,8 +8,8 @@ It is used to install other PHP applications.
## Concrete
Currently supported applications:
-* The Joomla! CMS
-* Dokuwiki
+* The [Joomla! CMS](
+* [Dokuwiki](
* ...
## Usage
@@ -23,14 +23,28 @@ Supported interfaces:
* Web (WIP)
* KDE (even more WIP)
+## Requirements
+* A Joomla! Platform version min 12.1 (@todo to be released)
+ An enviroment variable ```JOOMLA_PLATFORM_PATH``` set up.
+* The required sources for the applications to build can be downloaded or copied into the source directory
+ ```wget``` to download package files
+ ```git``` or ```svn``` to checkout from version control systems
+## Supported Operating Systems
+* Developed and tested on [OpenSuSE Linux](
+ So it should probably work on most Unixoide systems
+* ...
+If **you** find your operating system unsupported, please use the facilities here on GitHub to send me a pull request with the corresponding code changes.
## What's in a name
* **J** oomla! **A** pplication **CLI**
* **J** ack of **A** ll trades (even **CLI**)
* Jack Lee.
-Last but not least: Meet the World Champion Jack Lee:
+Last but not least: Meet [the World Champion Jack Lee](
have Fun,

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