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Ellaism Core November Financial Report

30 November, 2017

This is a financial report for Dev Fund and Ellaism Core. For more information, please refer to the Ellaism Roadmap. The Dev Fund donation address is 0x00522e276908428C02457d8a8747b9aA0AB52570 and you can find more information in Donate to Ellaism.


We currently have 7,539.96 ELLA in Dev Fund.


  • Dev Mining Pool: Please refer to the pool page and address 0x65767ec6d4d3d18a200842352485cdc37cbf3a21 for the current balance and more information.
  • Donations from Community Fund, @TBates and @CountCryptula: 2,000.00 ELLA
  • Cryptobit Pool Donations: 4.03 ELLA.
  • Pool Sexy Donations: 8.07 ELLA.
  • Other Donations: 334.79 ELLA.