Directory of ERC20 token images. Upload yours to get displayed in the Trust Wallet
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ethereum-64.png - Ellaism Main Network icon
ethereum-16448.png - Shikinseki Network icon (Ellaism test net)

0x229d4d1864d79224ff224021d8bb2f7a9f76ea96.png - GOLD
0x991e7fe4b05f2b3db1d788e705963f5d647b0044.png - MINING
0xa7611d0d35ba4e0dcb469f2c34a5833ec4f4224f.png - ODD
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Directory of token images for ERC20 contracts

Add custom image:


  • name of the file in lowercase: contract_address.png. Ex: 0xd26114cd6ee289accf82350c8d8487fedb8a0c07.png
  • format: PNG
  • size: 256px by 256px


  1. Press on Fork in the top right corner.
  2. Upload an image in images/ folder on your own fork and commit changes.
  3. Press on New Pull Request on your own fork page and submit it!

Youtube: Upload ERC20 Token Image to Trust Wallet:

Upload ERC20 Token Image to Trust Wallet

How to Use It? (For Developers)

Base URL:<contract_address>.png


Used in Applications