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Welcome to the WxM Weather Station wiki!

This project aims to create a compact, robust, maintenance-free, with no moving parts, weather station, which can sense wind and rain.

Environmental sensors:

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • pressure
  • rain (detect: no rain, light rain, heavy rain)
  • wind speed (detect: apnea, light wind, strong wind) entire body swings free
  • mini solar panel and rechargeable batteries (LiPo or NiMH batteries)
  • managing and/or monitoring charge
  • connectivity WiFi
  • submits data to cloud service (HTTP or MQTT)
  • USB access for firmware upgrade and battery charge
  • 3D printed case and/or plastic common box modifications
  • DIY friendly (e.g. Arduino compatible with common modules)

Nice to have:

Over the Air firmware updates and other connectivity options

  • 3G with M2M Sim
  • Bluetooth
  • Other long range RF with in-house receiver internet gateway (e.g. mysensors.org)
  • LoraWAN

Work so far is focused on evaluation of hardware components/platforms, prototype build, big-data backend, and enclosure. (more details, wiki menu on the right)