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#Zephyr Personas


Neighborhood: Mueller
Commute: 5 miles
Title: software developer
Age: 33

Joanna is renting in Mueller and working downtown in the Tech industry. Moved to Austin from Raleigh, NC a little over a year ago. After renting in South Austin, she moved to Mueller to live more centrally and stop relying on her car as much. Determined but a bit of a procrastinator.

  • loves finding new restaurants
  • often attends live music shows
  • plays recreational adult team sports (kickball, whiffle ball, etc.)
  • prefers movie experience at Alamo Drafthouse
  • travels with Southwest Airlines
  • comfortable with hand tools


Neighborhood: Duval Estates
Commute: 16 miles
Title: education admin
Age: 40

Longtime Austin resident, Michael, hates driving, especially in traffic. Environmentally conscious, active in local community non-profits. Family of 4 with 2 children, living in North Austin for over a decade. Commutes across town to South Austin and primarily uses mass transit. Cycles on weekends without prior engagements.

  • donates time to educational assistance for children
  • has a woodworking shop set up in his garage
  • spends time gardening home grown vegetables
  • adopted a pit bull with his kids
  • owns a 7 year old Subaru wagon
  • enjoys an evening downtown with his wife every other month


Neighborhood: Zilker
Commute: 4 miles
Title: server
Age: 28

Dale rents a small place in Zilker from a friend. He works as a server at a couple different locations on the East side, and relies solely on a bicycle for transportation.

  • doesn't spend much time at home
  • has had poor experiences with public transportation
  • plays in a honky tonk band and is heavy into the local music community
  • tries to be outside in his free time
  • donates a little time when he can to work with Austin Pets Alive
  • enjoys a stiff, cheap drink daily