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A place to share good ideas and connect with your fellow RailsCampers.


  • user auth by email address or twitter handle (no password)
  • Simple profiles for each user -- contact info, bio, and skills/interests tagging
  • Simple people directory: can search / filter by words in the people directory table
  • Events and Talks creation and listing
  • Projects creation and viewing
  • Message board for organisers to push notices
  • Gravatar integration
  • Thoughts and ideas (for talk proposals or requests for talks)
  • Upvotes for ideas


  • clean up the talk vs. event duplication
  • def organisers_for_camp(camp) in user.rb
  • user.full_name in urls - instead of id
  • create a new talk: only for myself (current user)
  • Allow people to attend things:
    • "Collaborate" on projects
    • "Attend" talks and events
    • "Attend" the camp (camps already have this, but could be generified to work with all content types)
  • list all the people who liked a thought
  • enable thoughts to be turned in to projects or events

Someday Maybe:

  • mobile interface
    • perhaps a downloadable mini-webapp
  • (push?) notifications for the app
  • notify users who upvoted thoughts if it gets used as the basis of a talk or project
  • a more asynchronous/responsive UI with next to no full page requests
  • profile picture (not gravatar) with paperclip or carrierwave
  • tag projects with keywords that map to skills and interests from users so we can show people projects that match their skills/interests
  • collect audio/video/notes taken from talks and expose for viewing by others later (at camp or post-camp)


  • Written by Elle Meredith and Gabe Hollombe
  • With interface design and coding by Chris Darroch
  • Additional contributions from Ganesh Shankar