[Unmaintained] A Markdown based resume generator. It looks great on mobile/desktop and can be saved as PDF.
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Unfortunately, this project is no longer maintained.

I now have other priorities in my life and no longer have time to update this library. Email me at elle.kasai@gmail.com if you'd like to reach me.

💼 ResumeCards 💼

ResumeCards is a Markdown based resume generator. It looks great on mobile/desktop and can be saved as PDF.

💼 Live Demo 💼

View Demo and Documentation

You can save it as PDF too:

💼 Installation 💼

Note: ResumeCards uses Jekyll. Please read Jekyll's documentation if you get stuck.

Fork this repo, clone it, and then run:

bundle install

...which installs github-pages gem. After that, run the server:

jekyll serve --watch


  • Once the server is started, you must go to http://localhost:4000/resumecards/, since baseurl is set as "/resumecards" initially. To use http://localhost:4000/, change baseurl in _config.yml to "" .

💼 Usage 💼

Editing Your Resume

Edit _posts/card-[1-9].md like this:

type: "Work Experience"
heading: "Bizreach"
subheading: "Junior Product Designer"
duration: "October 2013 – September 2014 (1 year)"
location: "Tokyo, Japan"

Write in markdown here...

If you don't need some of the metadata, just remove them:

type: "Work Experience"
heading: "Bizreach"

Other Files to Modify

You should change these files before deploying:

  • _config.yml: You must change baseurland url.
    • Make sure to restart the server after you update _config.yml.
  • _data/resume.yml: You must change photo, name and url. Also, you must set demo to false to hide everything but your resume.
  • CNAME: Change this to host ResumeCards on a custom domain.
  • README.md: Write your own README!
  • _includes/script.html: Extra stuff before the </body> tag. Change or remove the default Google Analytics code.
  • _includes/nav.html: Modify or remove your contact links.

Customize the Theme

To customize the color theme, edit the color section of _data/resume.yml.








💼 Author & License 💼

Elle Kasai

MIT License.

💼 Special Thanks 💼