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Commits on Aug 15, 2018
  1. Update README

    ellelstone committed Aug 15, 2018
Commits on Nov 12, 2017
  1. Make the pygimp-eval plug-in

    ellelstone committed Nov 12, 2017
    so python scripts can be run from the command line.
Commits on Nov 9, 2017
  1. Second commit for updating GIMP through upstream 20171108

    ellelstone committed Nov 9, 2017
    Now the code compiles.
  2. 20171108 - Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

    ellelstone committed Nov 9, 2017
    This code doesn't yet compile, more commits will be needed.
Commits on Nov 8, 2017
  1. app: improve histogram bin calculation

    Ell committed Nov 8, 2017
    A fix to last commit: map values greater than G_MAXINT to the top
    bin, not the bottom bin.
Commits on Nov 7, 2017
  1. Bug 788394 - Crash (segmentation fault) when calculating a histogram ...

    Ell committed Nov 7, 2017
    ... upon NaN values
    Make the histogram bin calculation NaN-safe, by mapping NaNs to 0.
    Ideally, NaNs should probably not be counted at all, but since we
    already count negative values as 0, and > 1 values as 1, we might
    as well not pessimize performance over it, at least until we add
    support for unbounded histograms.
    At the same time, improve rounding in the bin calculation, so that
    the result is more accurate.
  2. modules: various changes in clip-warning

    Ell committed Nov 7, 2017
    Replace "Show NaN" option with "Show bogus".  Bogus values include
    infinities, in addition to NaN.
    Don't blend the bogus warning color with other warning colors, when
    a pixel has both a bogus component, and a shadow/highlight
    component.  The bogus warning always takes precedence.
    Rename "Include alpha" option to "Include alpha component".
    Remove "Opaque" option.  Warnings are now always opaue, even for
    non-opaque pixels.
    Add "Include transparent pixels" option, which controls whether
    fully-transparent pixels are included in the warning.  A fully
    transparent pixel is a pixel whose alpha component is less-than or
    equal-to zero (note that this doesn't include a NaN alpha
Commits on Nov 5, 2017
  1. Update Polish translation

    piotrdrag committed Nov 5, 2017
  2. app: avoid unnecessary work when all display filters are disabled

    Ell committed Nov 5, 2017
    Return FALSE from gimp_display_shell_has_filter() when there are
    filters, but they're all disabled, to avoid unnecessary extra
    color conversions during rendering.
  3. modules: stylistic code and ui text cleanup in display filters

    Ell committed Nov 5, 2017
    The labels used in the old display filters ui were more descriptive
    than the corresponding property nicks; modify the nicks/blurbs with
    similar text.
    ... Plus random cleanup in clip-warning.
  4. app: add gimp_data_is_{copyable,duplicatable}() to gimp_data.h

    Ell committed Nov 5, 2017
    Forgot to add it to last commit :P
  5. Bug 789901 - Gimp allows duplicating non-duplicatable data objects ...

    Ell committed Nov 5, 2017
    ... leading to a crash
    Add gimp_data_is_copyable() and gimp_data_is_dulicatable().
    Use gimp_data_is_duplicatable() when setting the sensitivity of the
    various "foo-duplicate" actions, instead of inspecting the object's
    GimpDataClass::duplicate pointer directly, since this is no longer
    an indication of whether a GimpData object is duplicatable or not
    (since commit 33de4d5).
  6. app: copy brush spacing when copying generated brushes

    Ell committed Nov 5, 2017
    When copying a generated brush, copy its "spacing" property, in
    addition to the other properties, which hasn't been previously
    copied by ::duplicate().
  7. app: port GimpData subclasses from ::duplicate() to ::copy()

    Ell committed Nov 5, 2017
    Finish up commit 17583ff, which
    ported GimpGradient from ::duplicate() to ::copy(), by doing the
    same for the rest of the GimpData subclasses that implement
    We still keep GimpData's ::duplicate() virtual function around,
    even though it now points to the default implementation (which uses
    ::copy()) for all subclasses, since ::copy() is stronger than
    ::duplicate(), and we might want to have certain GimpData types
    that are duplicatable, but not copyable.
Commits on Nov 3, 2017
  1. app: apply display filters in sRGB, not monitor profile

    Ell committed Nov 3, 2017
    When we have display filters, break the color profile transform in
    two: first, convert from the image profile to sRGB, then apply the
    filters, then convert from sRGB to the monitor profile.
  2. libgimpcolor: add shortcut in gimp_color_profile_is_equal()

    Ell committed Nov 3, 2017
    When the two pointers are equal, return TRUE immediately, instead
    of comparing the profile to itself.
Commits on Nov 2, 2017
  1. modules: remove custom display filter gui

    Ell committed Nov 2, 2017
    Remove the configure() function from all our display filters, so
    that they use a propgui.
  2. modules: small cleanup in display-filter-clip-warning.c

    Ell committed Nov 2, 2017
    Remove debug g_printerr(), and rearrange class_init() to match the
    other display filters.
  3. modules: add clip-warning display filter

    Ell committed Nov 2, 2017
    The clip-warning display filter highlights pixels with at least one
    componet whose value is outside the [0,1] range, or is NaN.
  4. app: use a propgui for display filters that return a NULL config widget

    Ell committed Nov 2, 2017
    When a display filter's configure() function returns NULL, use a
    propgui for the filter, instead of not showing a widget at all, to
    spare filters the need to manually construct a configuration gui.
  5. app: use actual render area when processing display filters

    Ell committed Nov 2, 2017
    When processing display filters, shift the filter buffer to the
    top-left corner of the render area, and pass the actual render
    area, instead of an area whose top-left coords are (0, 0), to the
    display filter.  This allows for position-dependent display
  6. app: small cleanup in GimpSpinScale

    Ell committed Nov 2, 2017
  7. Update Spanish translation

    lsg333 authored and gnomesysadmins committed Nov 2, 2017
  8. app: avoid spin scale pointer wrap when value is at upper/loewr limit

    Ell committed Nov 2, 2017
    When applying a relative adjustment to a spin scale, don't wrap the
    pointer around the corresponding screen edge if the spin scale's
    value is already minimal/maximal.
Commits on Nov 1, 2017
  1. app: wrap pointer around screen edges during relative spin scale adju…

    Ell committed Nov 1, 2017
    While applying a relative spin scale adjusment (i.e., when dragging
    from the lower half of the spin scale), wrap the pointer around the
    screen edges (of the current monitor), so that the maximal possible
    adjustment amount isn't artifically limited by the screen geometry.
    This is especially useful for spin scales in dockables, since
    dockables are normally placed near the edge of the screen.
    When the mouse is released, move the pointer back to its initial
    position (at the beginning of the drag), to allow for subsequent
    Unfortunately, moving the pointer programatically isn't supported
    on all envrionments (Wayland, Xephyr, ...), and worse yet,
    detecting that the pointer failed to move is tricky, so we have to
    resort to an ungly hack to maintain the current behavior in this
    case.  Gah :P
Commits on Oct 31, 2017
  1. Bug 780375 - Color picker won't pick on Wayland

    Ell committed Oct 31, 2017
    In GimpPickButton, try to pick from the local window under the
    cursor, before falling back to picking from the root window, so
    that we can at least pick from local windows on Wayland.
Commits on Oct 30, 2017
  1. Updated Italian translation

    Marco Ciampa
    Marco Ciampa committed Oct 30, 2017
  2. app: fix GimpDataEditor name entry set_editable() logic

    Ell committed Oct 30, 2017
    Small fix to last commit: make the name entry editable when the
    data is renamable, even if it's not otherwise writable (completely
    hypothetical for now.)
  3. app, pdb: prevent custom gradient from being renamed

    Ell committed Oct 30, 2017
    Make internal data objects non-renamable, even if they're writable,
    through gimp_data_is_name_editable().  Currently, the only such
    object is the custom gradient.
    Prevent changing the name of non-renamable data by making the name
    entry of GimpDataEditor non-editable whenever
    gimp_viewable_is_name_editable() is FALSE, even if the data is
    otherwise editable.
    Prevent the vairous PDB -rename() functions from renaming non-
    renamable data, by adding a GimpPDBDataAccess flags type,
    specifying the desired access mode for the data -- any combination
    of READ, WRITE, and RENAME -- and replacing the 'writable'
    parameter of the gimp_pdb_get_foo() functions with an 'access'
    parameter.  Change the various .pdb files to use READ where they'd
    used FALSE, and WRITE where they'd used TRUE; use RENAME, isntead
    of WRITE, in the -rename() functions.
  4. app: update GimpContainerEntry when the selected item's name changes

    Ell committed Oct 30, 2017
    Keep track of the selected viewable of a GimpContainerEntry, and
    update the entry text when the viewable's name changes, if the text
    hasn't changed since the viewable was selected.
  5. app: use G_FILE_CREATE_NONE for saved internal data files

    Ell committed Oct 30, 2017
    when saving internal data files, for consistency with the other files
    we save.
  6. Updated Italian translation

    Marco Ciampa
    Marco Ciampa committed Oct 30, 2017
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