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Emacs major mode for Google+
Emacs Lisp
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GPlus-mode - Google+ in Emacs

This is just a quick and dirty major mode for reading activity streams
from Google+ from Emacs. The code as is still needs a lot of work and 
there are bugs that haven't been fixed yet. 

To install put gplus-mode.el in your load-path and set your api key and 
profile id. The api key can be obtain from
The profile id is the last part of the Google+ profile address. For example
the FreeBSD Google+ page is so
the profile id is 111985137075069724005. 

(require 'gplus-mode)
(setq gplus-api-key "yourapikeyhere")
(setq gplus-my-profile-id "yourprofileidhere")

Your accound should be loaded start it with 'M-x gplus'. 


C-c a: Switch to the activity buffer
C-c q: Switch to the query buffer
C-c r: Refresh
C-c s: Search profiles

As I already said it still needs lots of work and a bunch of bugs and issues to 
be worked out. This is mostly for testing right now as the Google+ API is fairly 
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